Explore Jeannius Designs' photos on Flickr. Jeannius Designs has uploaded 3259 photos to Flickr. Minerals And Gemstones Crystals Minerals Today it is the majority shareholder of Greenland Anorthosite Resources which discovered a large anorthosite deposit on the country’s west coast. The mineral found there is particularly attractive given the rarity of its low-alkali content making it a more valuable, greener choice for use by fibreglass manufacturers and in aluminium production. Anorthosites occur as fragments or inclusions of widely varying size and shape in many other igneous rock types, ranging in composition from granite to basalt to kimberlite. Anorthosite is by definition an igneous rock consisting of 90-100% plagioclase feldspar. When the amount of mafic minerals exceeds 10 % the name leucogabbro or anorthositic gabbro (alternatively -norite) is commonly used, depending on the nature of the pyroxene.

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Pyroxene, ilmenite, magnetite, and olivine are the mafic minerals most commonly present. Anorthosite is an igneous monomineralic rock that is composed of plagioclase feldspar (over 90% of the rock is composed of this mineral). Plagioclase is a very common mineral group, more than half of the Earth’s crust is composed of it. Therefore it isn’t really surprising that there is a rock type that is almost exclusively composed of plagioclase. Anorthosite, type of intrusive igneous rock composed predominantly of calcium-rich plagioclase feldspar. All anorthosites found on Earth consist of coarse crystals, but some samples of the rock taken from the Moon are finely crystalline.

When the amount of mafic minerals exceeds 10 % the name leucogabbro or anorthositic gabbro (alternatively -norite) is commonly used, depending on the nature of the pyroxene. Rock densities can provide valuable information on modes, especially where plagioclase and a mafic phase are the dominant minerals, as shown by Morse (1979a) for troctolites in the Kiglapait intrusion and by Cawthorn & Spies for pyroxenite to anorthosite packages in the Critical Zone of the Bushveld Complex.

Minerals are important to Learning the basics of mineral identification is easy. All you need are a few simple tools and your own powers of careful observation. Almost all rocks are made of minerals. The exceptions are obsidian (which is made of volcanic glass) and Non-silicate minerals are minerals that do not contain silicon or oxygen as a tetrahedral structure.

The similarity explains the confusion between rock and mineral names.-- Mr. Larie K. Richardson North Star Minerals, Inc. 501 South First Avenue, Suite N Stillwater Anorthosite contains numerous sulfides contianing PGE's (Platinum Ground Elements) Stillwater Anorthosite Mineral # 710 another view Click on the mineral to enlarge the specimen, in the center and going down from there you can see what looks like pyrite. Those are the sulfides containing the PGE's. Stillwater Anorthosite The anorthosite cement is more acid resistant than ordinary Portland cement Paints and Coatings Applications Hudson’s anorthosite ( GreenSpar 45 ) has been tested and identified as an excellent mineral additive for the paint, coatings and polymer industries which are expected to grow to US$31.8 billion industry by 2023. MAJORGAP QAVA ANORTHOSITE DEPOSIT GREENLAND.

(A) Amphibole +  L. D. Ashwal, 1993. Anorthosites.
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Anorthosite minerals

Anorthite is the light mineral in this hand sample. Scanning electron micrograph of anorthite.

Anorthosite is typically a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock with color varies between white, yellowish to brown, shades of gray, blush, and smoky pigment. Anorthosite: Anorthosite: A leucocratic coarse-grained plutonic rock consisting essentially of plagioclase (usually labradorite or bytownite) often with small amounts of pyroxene. Olivine, amphibole, ilmenite, magnetite, and spinel are also sometimes present.
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A considerable amount of rocks brought back by the Apollo missions were anorthosite. It is not a common rock type and is found in few places on Earth, but common on the Moon's surface. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Greenland Anorthosite Mining First large-scale mining investment driven by Greenlandic and Danish investors The Majoqqap Qaava anorthosite deposit is located 125 km southeast of Greenland’s capital Nuuk only 12 km from the ice-free coast of Qeqertarsuatsiaat Kangerdluat (Fiskenæs Fjord).

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2017-06-18 Lunar anorthosite is believed to be the result of a gravitational differentiation. Plagioclase is lighter than most other minerals found there and therefore rose to the uppermost part of the magma ocean. However, the details of this process are still hotly debated.

Anorthosite* is a mono-mineralic rock type. Consisting of more than ninety percent plagioclase feldspar. This rock type forms batholitic complexes of pre-cambrian and older ages.

Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Anorthite belongs to the Plagioclase Feldspar group, an isomorphous solid solution series. Albite is one end member, containing sodium and no calcium.